Ovenu - oven valeting service
  • Full Oven
    Valet Service
  • All types of
    hobs cleaned
  • Microwave Oven
  • Traditional
    Stoves Cleaned
  • The OVENU Oven Valeting Service is brought to you by our highly trained team of technicians. You will notice immediately on their arrival the highest levels of customer care. Punctuality, pride, courtesy and quality all come as standard with our franchisees. As will fully comprehensive insurance cover....just in case.

    Valeting is a far more thorough process than merely cleaning. The valeting process is much more involved. Valeting is all about cleaning the parts that are seen daily and the parts that aren't....as we say "we clean the unseen".....behind the liners, between the door glass and around the main element by the rear fan. All areas of potential fire risk.

    So it's probably worth spending a little more money for an awful lot more peace of mind !